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Kotti's Painting and Remodeling is here to answer your questions about home and business upgrades, pressure washing, and more! We are your top choice for a high-quality painting and remodeling contractor in Northbrook. No matter what service you need, if it requires a painting and remodeling contractor, we're the choice for you!

Is There An Ideal Time To Do My Exterior Painting Project?

Exterior painting is a great way to upgrade your home or business' style, curb appeal, and overall value! It's also a quick way to make it look fresh and new, which is beneficial if you're considering selling. Overall, the best time to complete your exterior painting project is during the summer; by then, the weather is warmer, and rain and snow are minimal. However, extreme heat should be avoided, as well as painting close to monsoon season. Paint also doesn't dry as well when the temperatures vary drastically, so early to midsummer is the best time to paint, when daytime and nighttime temperatures are pretty similar.

Why Should I Consider A Cabinet Refinishing?

Refinishing your cabinets is a great way to upgrade your home for yourself or future owners if you're considering selling! It's also a great option if you've bought a house but find that the style isn't quite right for you. Refinishing your cabinets will also ensure that they serve you and your family for many years to come! It also ensures that any damages are caught early on before they become larger and more expensive.

How Often Do I Need To Do My House Washing?

This depends on where your home is located. We suggest a minimum of twice a year, once before the winter and once after. However, if your home is located beside a dirt road, has many trees surrounding it, or if you lie in an area that experiences harsh winter weather, you may want to consider cleaning it more often.

Can You Upgrade My Unfinished Basement?

Absolutely! One of our most popular services is basement remodeling and finishing. We also offer drywall repair and installation, as well as general carpentry projects. So don't wait! Give our team at Kotti's Painting and Remodeling a call today at 773-742-5887.

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